A Sad Time for AMM and JDM Fans Everywhere

What you’re about to see is something heartbreaking, something, agonizing, and just plain gruesome, if you’re at all a fan of JDM legends. Our AMM Supra, owned by Clayton, our man behind the scenes, was discovered at 1 in the morning by Jacob – crushed under a pile of ice, snow, and twisted steel. The recent rainfall had turned the snow to a heavy mass on top of the steel garage, and, combined with the frost causing the ground to heave, collapsed the structure on top of the car, where it was being stored for the winter. We don’t have many details at this point, but the building and car insurance companies are so far being cooperative with Clayton, and we should have the car out of the rubble within the next few days. That being said, it looks so far like the roof has been crushed, making the car a total write off, and bringing an early demise to this beautiful car. We will have more information on the situation and the fate of the vehicle as we get it. Check out the carnage below:

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One thought on “A Sad Time for AMM and JDM Fans Everywhere

  1. brian signature lawlor

    Not good. Sorry about the loss. If theres any support you need please let me know. I hope the rest of the community will offer the same.


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