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The AutoMoto Mods Epic Cross-Country Road Trip!

Hello everyone! We have some big news!

The AMM crew will be splitting up a bit soon, as Garret must move to British Columbia for a new job opportunity. That being said, with the bad, comes the good, as all three of us will be making the trip from Ontario to BC, filming along the way!

We want to put together a couple of videos for the trip, one to showcase some of the people and cars that we meet on the way, and one special video, showcasing “Skylines of Canada.” In order to do this, we need volunteers! If anyone has an interesting car, or a Skyline they would like to have featured in the videos, we would love it for you to get in touch with us! We will primarily be taking HWY 1, so anyone along the way who would like to meet up, send us a message on our facebook page!

Here is the route we are taking:


Now, to add to this, if anyone in Calgary knows of a meet happening on Wednesday, September 17th, or Thursday, September 18th, or can get a meet going, please let us know the time and place – we’d love to film some of the car scene out west! If you know of anyone who would be interested, feel free to spread the word as well.

As for the rest of our schedule, we plan to be in the following locations at the following times:

Monday, Sept 15 – Thunder Bay, ON – MEET Terry Fox Memorial, 1000 Ontario 11, 8PM. We have help from the TB car groups, so this should be a great turnout!ThunderbayMeet

Tuesday, Sept 16MEET Tim Hortons . Unit 300, 50 Sage Creek Boulevard, Winnipeg MB R3X 0J6. We will be here between 4-6pm and stay for an hour or two. Filming and interviews to take place during this time.

Wednesday, Sept 17 – Regina, SK (Day Time) MEET at the A&W on Avonhurst Drive (2701). We want to interview some skyline owners, so we’ll start the meet at 1PM, and stay until around 4PM. We’ll park in here:reginameet

Thursday, Sept 18 (All day) – Calgary, AB – MEET Deerfoot Mall, 64 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, AB, 7PM IN THE FOLLOWING LOT:




And by Saturday, we plan to be in Fort St. John, our destination.


This schedule may be changed slightly as the date draws nearer, but we will keep everyone posted! Don’t forget to like AutoMoto Mods on facebook, and please feel free to contact us regarding the trip!

See you soon!



Here is a list of towns we will be stopping in for gas along the way, if anyone lives here, let us know, and we will be happy to include you in the video!



North Bay


Sault Ste. Marie


Thunder Bay







Swift Current


Medicine Hat





Grande Cache

Grande Prairie


Dawson Creek

Fort St. John


AMM Supra Update

Hey guys,

I figured it as about time you had an update on the crushed Supra posted a couple of months ago, so I won’t go into much detail yet, but I will say that insurance has been taken care of, and another car is on the way. For more info, you will just have to stay tuned for the footage!




A Sad Time for AMM and JDM Fans Everywhere

What you’re about to see is something heartbreaking, something, agonizing, and just plain gruesome, if you’re at all a fan of JDM legends. Our AMM Supra, owned by Clayton, our man behind the scenes, was discovered at 1 in the morning by Jacob – crushed under a pile of ice, snow, and twisted steel. The recent rainfall had turned the snow to a heavy mass on top of the steel garage, and, combined with the frost causing the ground to heave, collapsed the structure on top of the car, where it was being stored for the winter. We don’t have many details at this point, but the building and car insurance companies are so far being cooperative with Clayton, and we should have the car out of the rubble within the next few days. That being said, it looks so far like the roof has been crushed, making the car a total write off, and bringing an early demise to this beautiful car. We will have more information on the situation and the fate of the vehicle as we get it. Check out the carnage below:

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