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CIAS 2013 Update!

After spending 8 hours at the Canadian International Auto Show last week, we got a TON of footage. Because there’s so much to show you, we’ve broken it down into a few shorter videos and will be releasing two per week! We’ve got a couple more things that need finishing before the first part goes live, but in the meantime, enjoy this screencap:


CIAS 2013

Just a reminder to everyone that we will be at the Canadian International Auto Show tomorrow, Feb 21st. If you want to come join in the fun, we’ll be wandering around all day so come say hello!

Rally of the Tall Pines 2012

Hey all, Garret here.

This year, I managed to get out to see the final leg of the Canadian Rally Championship – The Rally of the Tall Pines, in Bancroft, Ontario. I got some footage of the cars driving by while I was there, and put together a little video for you. Check it out on youtube: