AutoMoto Mods Episode 14 – Corksport Short-Ram Intake Install

Another DIY from AutoMoto Mods! A quick and easy way to get a little more power and fuel efficiency from your vehicle, is to install a performance intake. The increased flow helps the engine breathe and give you more power. Garret is going to show you how to install a Corksport short-ram intake into a 2012 Mazda 3 hatch, however, the process will be almost identical for any 2010+ Mazda 3, aside from the Mazdaspeed. Check it out!


DIY – Daunting, or Delightful?

I am by no means an automotive professional. I have had no formal training, and no job experience in the automotive industry. What I do have, however, is over 10 years worth of tinkering experience, and I’m going to tell you this now – you don’t need to be professionally trained to modify or repair your car, it just helps. Some auto enthusiasts are all about the drive, and would rather not spend time tuning, or fixing, or upgrading their car; they’d rather just hand it to a mechanic and let them take care of it for you. I am not directing this article at those people. This is aimed at the people who want to modify their own car, and take the DIY approach to things, but are overwhelmed by the complexity of this thing we call the automobile. Continue reading


AutoMoto Mods Episode 13 – Performance Cat-back Exhaust Install

Here’s our newest DIY video for you, fresh off the editing tables! In this episode of AMM, Garret and Clayton (our camera man) install a Corksport performance exhaust system into Clayton’s 2012 Mazda 3 Skyactiv Hatch. This install covers the basics for any aftermarket exhaust system on a variety of vehicles, so check it out and add some more power to you ride!

The car you just love to hate…

The video that pretty much started it all…Jacob’s MP5T – The boosted chalkboard Protege. This controversial piece of art turns heads wherever it goes, grabbing tons of attention at car shows, from the enthusiasts and the haters. The thing about this car though, is that even if you want to hate it, it’s really hard once you realize how much work has actually gone into making it what it is. Continue reading

No Video Today

We regret to inform everyone that there will be no video today due to Canadian weather keeping us from finishing any filming! We are, however, doing some shooting tonight, and well be at Megaspeed this Sunday, so we will have plenty of footage to work with and more videos to come. Stay tuned!